The paths of the Radziwiłł family in the northern Lithuania

During this trip, we will visit the manors related to the history of the Radziwiłł family, which survived to the present day in northern Lithuania.

The first stop: Dubingiai town, which is located next to the Lake Asveja, which is the longest lake in Lithuania, is considered the patrimony of the noble Radziwiłł family. Today, Dubingiai castle site is located on the hill on which there are the ruins of the Evangelical Reformed Church of the 16th-17th centuries, which survived to the present day, and the exposition of the remains of the palace, which belonged to the Radziwiłł family. After getting married to Sigismund Augustus in the 16th century, Barbara Radziwiłł spent a little over half a year in Dubingiai Castle, she wrote letters to the king from Dubingiai.

Vyžuonos town is located by the river Vyžuona and from the 16th century became particularly famous because of the Radziwiłł family. Here Krzysztof Mikołaj “Perkūnas” Radziwiłł, the builder of Biržai Castle, was buried in the crypt of Vyžuonos Reformed Church.

Svėdasai Manor also belonged to the Radziwiłł family. The Duke Krzysztof II Radziwiłł, who came from Vilnius, died in Svėdasai Manor.

In the Middle Ages, Papilys was in a strategically advantageous location, because the first fortified wooden castle appeared in it in the 16th century, earlier than in Biržai. Important trade routes passed through the town. Jerzy Radziwiłł took over the manor, located in Papilys, from the Astikai. Later, after the death of this noble man, the manor was inherited by Mikołaj “the Red” Radziwiłł. The manor is a birthplace of Janusz Radziwiłł, the Grand Hetman of Lithuania.

The participants in the tour will have lunch in Biržai.

Biržai was first mentioned in written sources in 1520 as a strategic route from Riga to Vilnius. At the beginning of the 17th century, the bastion-type Biržai Castle, that was very modern at the time, was built of brick at the initiative of Krzysztof Mikołaj “Perkūnas” Radziwiłł. The castle served as the residence of the Radziwiłł family.

The museum located in the castle is not the only place that we will visit. After crossing the lake on the longest pedestrian bridge in Lithuania, we will visit Astravas Manor. Legal disputes arose between the Radziwiłł family and the Tyszkiewicz family over the land of this manor.

The expected return to Vilnius is about 8:00 PM.

Objects to be visited:

  • Dubingiai
  • Vyžuonos
  • Svėdasai
  • Papilys
  • Biržai


1 day

Group Size


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Vieta: By agreenment


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